Mamma Mia!

Tonight for dinner we have Italiano il Primo Lasagne.

First chop onions and fry in butter. Add mince and a tin of Italian tomato.

Brown in a pan then put to one side. Blanch pasta sheets in boiling water with salt til slightly soft. Make a white sauce with real butter.

Layer first pasta, meat sauce then another layer pasta, cheese sauce and grate cheese ontop. Bake for 30min or until golden on top.


Had a good day at work. Have an early meeting 2morrow have to be there quarter past seven. It is still DARK!I will be walking luckily work is 2 streets away. I am growing rosemary in Italian tomato tins. Let us hope they do not die. I have my father’s love of gardens and however the ability to kill any plant in my care. I am listening to Bon Jovi -Lost Highway. I am the biggest fan.

Easiest dessert in the world? Good ice- cream pour over Eine Kleine Nachtmusik -chocolate liquor the best.

I am reading Fatherland by Robert Harris very good. He writes a thriller where Hitler won the war,scary! I am going to church cell group tonight and will see my friends.

I am going to watch every Friends episode in order only missing 7. I hope you have a lovely evening.

Where I live is a drinking town with a fishing problem.

Don’t let the last thought you have when you are hit by a bus be, “I should have eaten that doughnut!” Nora Ephron


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