I’m Thaw!

Hello faithful reader. Today I did something really stupid, even for me.I heard on the radio of an easy way to defrost the fridge by putting it in the garden and hosing it down. What they DID NOT say is that if you do not push the fridge far enough out of the sliding door you will cause a flood of biblical proportions!

It is not easier as it took me 45min to mop, sweep and dry up the mess. The cat wisely waited until the worst was over. He then proceeded to inspect the ice and peas and carrots on the lawn.

The reason I buy Italian biscuits and French fridge magnets is that I am a frustrated traveler with no budget.
One day I will see the glass pyramid at the Louvre and start a indecent affair with a Lavazza coffee and biscotti in Italy.
Iam still figuring out how to become an internet millionare. I’ll keep you posted.

Malfa pudding
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1t bi carb
1cup milk
2T oil
1 egg
2 T apricot jam
Mix dry and wet ingredients
Stir well, bake in dish with a lid.
180 c for 25-30 min.

The best pudding!

This a painting I did a few years ago of Tuscany.


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