Send me to Italy

I am in Cape Town, a beautiful city. However I like all the people who read ‘Eat, Pray. Love ” by Elizabeth Gilbert or “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes Ihave a sun dappled view of Italy. My mother has been to Venice, Rome and Florence. I am drink up every detail and treasure the venetian Murano jewelery and postcards from a sinking city. Italy is now a country where being thin and blonde is considered sexy and nuns have cellphones. However there is romance in a country where you are as likely to dig up a piece of Roman history as a tin bathtub. I love the creamy warm colours and a sense of God as part of the national vocabulary. My ancestors were Provence wine farmers and Hugenots and Irish Murphy’s as well as Scottish McClusky’s. I am at heart a romantic though life seems to have driven me to a world weary cynicism. Nowhere is more romantic than Italy. I enjoyed art history and the vast collection in the Vatican seems almost incredible. If you walk straight through without stopping it would take you three days. Everything from Mesopotamia, Versailles and gold everything. I will save my money. I found in and amoung my South African coins a real British penny. I am sure it’s my lucky penny and my luck is about to change.


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