Soap gets in my eyes

These are the days of our bold and restless lives.

I watch soap opera’s. I admit it. It is mind numbing and I only do it after work. It is as my high school drama teacher said the only place where characters still have soliloquy, with a brandy glass in hand, in a log cabin.

Soap opera marriages are fleeting and they never eat on the show which explains the figures of the actresses. They also seem to be unable to use long words or work out what is at the back of the cave. People also swim all times of the year.

I am able to have highbrow leanings and watch daytime television though I can’t tell you what happened on the show last week. What kind of bad guy would make you forget the mess of your life by creating a whole set of new problems? Why Jacob Young, of course who acts as person with no morals and is just the right amount of mean. Without this he would be too squeaky clean.

He also looks just like a Malmesbury farm manager who was the one who got away. This guy got me to adopt a kitten, and got me to drive with him even though he was colour blind. Robots people! That guy was sweet and that is perhaps why despite my better judgement I turn to the soapy side of life.


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