Lavazza coffee advert 2009

Well I have admitted that  I love coffee. I think it is the only way to really enjoy the weekend, and Italians really love their coffee. It took me a while to get the taste of black coffee without sugar but it’s the best way to taste the flavour.

Mocha Java plunger coffee is my current drink of choice. It is the plan to get a metal stove top coffee pot as a present to myself. It makes the whole flat smell divine. One of the best places to have coffee is the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town. You look over the mountain and lush gardens next to a fountain. The cappuccino with real cream is dreamy.

Too much of anything is not good so moderation is key or you will find yourself watching adverts on how best to optimize your vacuum cleaner bags at 2am.

I have to share this picture, it would be Joey Tribbiani from Friends dream dish!


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