Snap! The best celebrity photographers

There are of course many more that I have high regard for but these are a few to have a look at.

Anton Corbijn

Legendary rock photographer for countless magazines and album covers.Has turned the moody sepia photograph into an art form. Famously shot u2 in Death Valley Nevada for the Joshua Tree album cover.

U2 in the Joshua Tree shoot in Death Valley Nevada 1987

Bon Jovi New York City 1992 Keep the Faith album shoot

Helmut Newton

Creator of the biggest photobook ever called Sumo. It came with a free coffee table to put it on, considering it’s enormous price this was still not a bargain. A prolific and creative photographer everything from the subtle to blunt subject matter and  has a museum of his  photography in Europe.

Claudia Schiffer

Herb Ritts

He was the 80’s celebrity photographer. Also did the sickly sweet Calvin Klein ads. Now terribly unfashionable.

Jack Nicholson

Mario Testino

Famous for final relaxed photo shoot with Princess Diana before she died in 1997. Was also able to shoot Madonna for Ray of light album cover.

Makes black and white visual poetry.

1997 shoot of Princess Diana

Angelia Jolie

Annie Leibowiz

For years the resident photographer of Vanity Fair USA. Has photographed any celebrity worth their salt. Invited a hailstorm of criticism when she photographed 15 year old Miley Cyrus naked in a sheet. She has a unquestioned eye for detail and is a chronicler of 20th century celebrity fascination. She also makes skin look flawless and otherworldly.

She also took the famous cover of a naked John Lennon and clothed Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone magazine before he was shot in the early eighties.

Brad Pitt in a grungy moment

Be inspired to make an arty photo scrap book. Next up soup and garlic bread on a late winter, freezing Sunday afternoon in Cape Town.


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