Chocolate-Good or Evil

I have decided to discuss a topic deeply relevant to myself. I have a  love of chocolate and have become a chocolate snob. As I have been introduced to Cote ‘d or at an early age and later Lindt I find that I would rather have a little good chocolate than a lot of bad chocolate.

To complicate matters I am pre-diabetic. This means that if in a fit of misery I eat a bar of chocolate which I did last week, I feel worse afterwards than most people after a bottle of red wine. I never the less love chocolate and it is my nemesis. I do not eat bread on a daily basis and now because of allergies milk everyday as well. I am no saint as pizza is still on my treat list.

I love Italy they have wait for it, Chocolate TOURS! You go to a hotel with chocolate rooms and visit chocolate tourist spots. That sounds heavenly and decadent. Imagine explaining to your thin friends who live on cigarettes and whey shakes that you went on a chocolate tour of Italy.

It has been said that having one glass of red wine and 2 blocks of dark chocolate will extend your life. I suppose if you could actually stop at two blocks you would. I for one have to eat more than that or nothing.

And now the Europeans have combined a heavenly combination coffee filled chocolates.In South Africa we have a delicious wine called The Chocolate Box. People will continue to invent new ways to enjoy chocolate.

Enjoy irrresponsibly. xxxx


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