Fresh Marketing

Yes you know the basics:

truth not trash

cute not crass

basic not boring

sexy not sexist

Know your audience, they are not stupid. Do not limit yourself to one demographic you will alienate people who are within the limit.

The most revolting ad was for South African pork where a man had to choose between girls or delicious pork. You know who was the pig!

Be creative read Freakanomics, Faith Popcorn and any marketing book that catches your eye. However I tried to read a Buffet book and I don’t think it was in English. Free samples work but these competitions which cost airtime to enter seem like a ripoff to me.

My favorite piece of ridiculous marketing is:

Why not get the girls to buy the underwear they are going to throw at you on stage!

Throw Bon Jovi underwear and they make $8.99

New Greatest Hits and the circle Tour Dvd is on my shopping list for November!


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