21 st century rudeness is the order of the day. Grannies that ram your ankles, people with  do not use deodorant pushing in the queue.  Heaven forbid that a man should stand back for a lady.

Yes you may well say that’s a good story grandma but I have had enough. I don’t need anger management but  I am sick of people who are rude and obnoxious. In the bank, in the supermarket, at the school. At the beach where dogs are about to bite small children and the owner says ” He is just harmless” as a mother snatches him from jaws of leash less dog.

People are arrogant if they have money and feel entitled if they don’t have it. The humble man seems to be extinct. And don’t get me started on the dating scene in 2010. Cheating, using 2nd and third phones to cheat, break-up by sms etc.

The work place is minefield of the honest and hardworking being killed by paperwork. Never mind the gossip, backstabbing and downright rubbish that  is repeated. It’s enough to make you seriously consider moving to outer Mongolia to herd yaks. Though I suppose they will gossip about the crazy new guy.

The solution, I don’t have one for moderation aggravation but bear in mind the cream rises to the top and so does the rotten fish.


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