Revenge of the Cows

I have at an early age had an aversion to cow’s milk and so my mom had me on soya. For the next 28 years I have loved dairy. Cheese, milk and occasionally cream in small amounts. I have drunk teapots of ceylon tea and rooibos, and coffee, basically anything that you can put in a mug.

I have read the articles on the hormones fed to cows and carried on drinking the ever more expensive milk. Growing up on powdered and graduating to full cream sachets.

When people said they were lactose intolerant I never thought it would happen to me. After the second nasty stomach flu in one year I found that milk continues to make me ill. I have tried over the months and it seems to be a permanent condition. I have tried soya milk but it is expensive and without sugar extremely vile. Man is made not to consume milk for long periods genetically and this seems to be my situation.

I love ice-cream,love milk in tea and love soft camembert but it has dire consequences tummy wise.

The cows have their revenge and now I drink herbal tea and water.

I am afraid that soon I will want to eat wheatgerm voluntarily or start running marathons. Let’s hope it doesn’t ever come to that. Fellow dairy free friends I say I can’t believe I am one of you.




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