2011 Year of the Rabbit

It is a new start and a new year. I have resolved this year to have no resolutions. I have stuck to my constant habit of having lists, numbered lists and somehow putting off sorting out my overflowing desk as long as possible.

I have dreams like anybody to write that children’s book, be more creative and be less terrified of the daily news broadcasts. Last year I convinced myself that I did not need that Bon Jovi autograph. Sigh.

I wish you a prosperous new start. I am going to melt in this heatwave. Monday back to work, but hope that I will not melt in the Cape Town furnace.

Remember horoscopes are for gullible people who like to have their worst fears and best hopes confirmed by the most junior writer who once went to the planetarium.

You make your own future and if you don’t have good luck make your own luck.