Eating ice cream with fork!

I wish to moan. How are you supposed to eat cake and ice cream with a fork? It was ice cream and cake but still! I had the idea of writing a food blog would instantly lead to fame and fortune. Not so and even if I had a huge following how would this create wealth? The internet is great for publishing and bringing your new shocking ad to the masses. All too often it is met with deafening silence.

I have various dreams that have left me with the crashing crunch of glass under concrete.  I am now “grown-up” and I am wondering where is my picket fence and 2.2 children?I seriously doubt whether these would truly make me happy. I have a fulfilling job but I feel a crushing exhaustion at the end of the day. New Age claptrap aside I am wondering whether I will “find myself” at the bottom of a hole usually deep enough to put a pool in.

The thing about eating ice cream with a fork is that you CAN do it. You have to scoop up, scrape and mess. You could have done with a spoon, but you are amazed you can do it all. Eat it like Steve McQueen.

If any magazine would like to pay for my trip to Paris or Venice let me know.

I will start by filling up the blue and white piggy bank that’s on my kitchen shelf.