Revisionist History or re-foaming the latte

Hindsight is 20/20 but we live in the era of the delete button. There is no room for the truth. A lie will have run around the world before the truth has got it’s boots on to quote Terry Pratchett. Politicians don’t get me started. The ones that we see the most about are embroiled in a sex scandal. some form of embezzling or trying to cause a war/bankrupt a whole nation or both.
The media is so convoluted with lies that all honest men pay people so that they don’t have dig that potential grave themselves.

I have studied the media as a fan of smart copy and a well shot photo.

Ahem, until I realized it;s either puff or paid for and manipulated. Money talks.
The good news is that everyday is a fresh start and  people have the memories of fruit flies.

Instead of mourning the loss of financial free flow I choose to be happy.

Reasons for having a positive out look:
I have a nice home.
I have a good job.
I have a family I love.
I have a cupboard full of my favorite movies.
Yes Splash! is a classic.
Pizza in a wood fired oven.
Eddie Izzard
Jim Carrey in Venus de Milo skits
Robin Hood men in tights.
Peanut bliss smoothies
Woolworths shower gel
The smell of clean laundry
My cat Peanut who is really the one in charge
Berry coulis with yogurt and honey
Golden retriever guide dogs

In the face of worldwide doom make a list of all that makes you. If that fails eat marshmallows in your pajamas and watch Friends reruns.
You can always rewrite that troublesome history online later!