I don't like Mondays


The Past ( November 1995)

The past is what I have been reflecting on. The same event is interpreted by two people completely differently. The past is a kaleidoscope of pain and joy. True sorrow goes, true joy goes the same.
And I am glad both are over. I am glad that life keeps moving minute by minute. A white knuckle ride with no equal.
I have grown and grown up. I still chose a job where there are pink hello kitty cupcakes.
I remember going to the Bon Jovi concert walking to get tickets with one reluctant brother and going to the show with my other brother. I think his favorite part of the show was the sound-check looking at the roadies with his binoculars. I went home and wrote the setlist out the next day song by song.
Here are some shots from a edit of the these days video in cape town available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWtN6o_CTcs

love Clare

Backstage Cape Town

Leaving Greenpoint stadium