The most Fairy tale shoes I have ever seen. Fire Heels

This is an article about a pair of the first pair of high heels that I would love to own.

These pumps, crafted by Mexican designer Lucita Abarca, caused quite a stir at a recent Sixth Borough fashion show. These crystalline high-heels were grown by Wyrm’s Pass artisans, deep below the Rocky Mountains, using a mixture of firebird ash, waters from the springs at Paradiso, and a variety of secret ingredients, rumored to include Australian fire opals and powdered moonstone. The result of using the firebird ash become immediately recognizable when the heel of the shoe is dragged backward across any dry surface, as it creates an impressive streak of magical fire which can be accurately aimed with a little effot. Ms. Abarca said she wanted a shoe that made a statement, and that statement was “Any bastardo brujo catcalling me on La Plaza de Sangre better be ready to dose his huevos, you know?”



Christmas 2014

My earliest memories are of going to Grandparents farm as a child on Christmas Eve going past the zebra’s in the field. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with joy, love and all the good things that I hope the New Year (1) download (2) download images (1) images