Merry Bah Humbug

I love Christmas, with all the twinkling lights and kiddie choirs. I love the cheap tinsel and the Santa that is red because of Coca Cola adverts at the turn of the century. It  is a time to celebrate and yes it has become a horrible farce.

In the words of Edina in Abfab ” Advertisers have taken everything that was real and true and honest and beautiful and attached it to a toilet cleaner! But we must not let that destroy the good. The wealthy helping the poor and the corporate people being guilt ed into helping the less fortunate.

Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. Not the celebration of the shopping mall and hangover.

For every person that misses the whole point there are children waiting with breathless joy.

Merry Bah humbug and a Happy New Year.



I don't like Mondays

The Past ( November 1995)

The past is what I have been reflecting on. The same event is interpreted by two people completely differently. The past is a kaleidoscope of pain and joy. True sorrow goes, true joy goes the same.
And I am glad both are over. I am glad that life keeps moving minute by minute. A white knuckle ride with no equal.
I have grown and grown up. I still chose a job where there are pink hello kitty cupcakes.
I remember going to the Bon Jovi concert walking to get tickets with one reluctant brother and going to the show with my other brother. I think his favorite part of the show was the sound-check looking at the roadies with his binoculars. I went home and wrote the setlist out the next day song by song.
Here are some shots from a edit of the these days video in cape town available on

love Clare

Backstage Cape Town

Leaving Greenpoint stadium

My butt looks good in Ugandan Jeans!

The recession has made me count the cents. I have had to make some changes including rethinking the way I spend on clothes and food. The good news is that I love a bargain and I have decided to make cookies for Christmas and count my blessings. I am lucky to have a bond on my flat and a driving licence as my achievements for this year. Humour is the only way to deal with disappointment and tragedy is to laugh at it. I have found a pair of jeans that fit and stretch and take the hard wear I give it. They come from Uganda and are surprisingly comfortable. Make changes and appreciate the things and people that really matter. Plus a burst water main and no running water at work in summer heat will make you rethink how lucky you are to have clean running water.

Revisionist History or re-foaming the latte

Hindsight is 20/20 but we live in the era of the delete button. There is no room for the truth. A lie will have run around the world before the truth has got it’s boots on to quote Terry Pratchett. Politicians don’t get me started. The ones that we see the most about are embroiled in a sex scandal. some form of embezzling or trying to cause a war/bankrupt a whole nation or both.
The media is so convoluted with lies that all honest men pay people so that they don’t have dig that potential grave themselves.

I have studied the media as a fan of smart copy and a well shot photo.

Ahem, until I realized it;s either puff or paid for and manipulated. Money talks.
The good news is that everyday is a fresh start and  people have the memories of fruit flies.

Instead of mourning the loss of financial free flow I choose to be happy.

Reasons for having a positive out look:
I have a nice home.
I have a good job.
I have a family I love.
I have a cupboard full of my favorite movies.
Yes Splash! is a classic.
Pizza in a wood fired oven.
Eddie Izzard
Jim Carrey in Venus de Milo skits
Robin Hood men in tights.
Peanut bliss smoothies
Woolworths shower gel
The smell of clean laundry
My cat Peanut who is really the one in charge
Berry coulis with yogurt and honey
Golden retriever guide dogs

In the face of worldwide doom make a list of all that makes you. If that fails eat marshmallows in your pajamas and watch Friends reruns.
You can always rewrite that troublesome history online later!

Eating ice cream with fork!

I wish to moan. How are you supposed to eat cake and ice cream with a fork? It was ice cream and cake but still! I had the idea of writing a food blog would instantly lead to fame and fortune. Not so and even if I had a huge following how would this create wealth? The internet is great for publishing and bringing your new shocking ad to the masses. All too often it is met with deafening silence.

I have various dreams that have left me with the crashing crunch of glass under concrete.  I am now “grown-up” and I am wondering where is my picket fence and 2.2 children?I seriously doubt whether these would truly make me happy. I have a fulfilling job but I feel a crushing exhaustion at the end of the day. New Age claptrap aside I am wondering whether I will “find myself” at the bottom of a hole usually deep enough to put a pool in.

The thing about eating ice cream with a fork is that you CAN do it. You have to scoop up, scrape and mess. You could have done with a spoon, but you are amazed you can do it all. Eat it like Steve McQueen.

If any magazine would like to pay for my trip to Paris or Venice let me know.

I will start by filling up the blue and white piggy bank that’s on my kitchen shelf.


New Photographic Genius



Gavin Evans is a photographer that I have stumbled upon. His photos seem to truly capture the soul of the people his photographing. An unflinching look that seems hyper real and unreal at the same time. He sells prints of his photographs at
He photographs geisha’s and Ozzy with the same amount of interest. Absolutely Fresh and makes you want to buy a new camera instantly.


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