The Past ( November 1995)

The past is what I have been reflecting on. The same event is interpreted by two people completely differently. The past is a kaleidoscope of pain and joy. True sorrow goes, true joy goes the same.
And I am glad both are over. I am glad that life keeps moving minute by minute. A white knuckle ride with no equal.
I have grown and grown up. I still chose a job where there are pink hello kitty cupcakes.
I remember going to the Bon Jovi concert walking to get tickets with one reluctant brother and going to the show with my other brother. I think his favorite part of the show was the sound-check looking at the roadies with his binoculars. I went home and wrote the setlist out the next day song by song.
Here are some shots from a edit of the these days video in cape town available on

love Clare

Backstage Cape Town

Leaving Greenpoint stadium


New Photographic Genius



Gavin Evans is a photographer that I have stumbled upon. His photos seem to truly capture the soul of the people his photographing. An unflinching look that seems hyper real and unreal at the same time. He sells prints of his photographs at
He photographs geisha’s and Ozzy with the same amount of interest. Absolutely Fresh and makes you want to buy a new camera instantly.


Bon Jovial Trivia

-Jon played trumpet in a school marching band. Richie found out 29 years later.

– Jon wrote an early song about his wife called Bobby’s Girl while at the Powerstation studio.

-The working title for Slippery When Wet at one stage was Guns ‘n Roses. Needless to say that idea was scrapped.

-In 1995 the VW Golf Bon Jovi was launched in Germany to co-inside with the These days tour.

-Victoria Silverstredt is one of Richie’s ex-girlfriends.

-Bon Jovi have advertised pot noodles, Sanyo tapes and Mitsubishi cars in Japan.

– They have a Japan only best of called Tokyo Road.

-Elton John has a framed photo of Jon Bon Jovi shot by Richard Avedon in one of his homes.

-The original title for Crush was Sex Sells.

– In 1987 there was a Muppet called Jon Bon Muppet.

– Jon sang backing vocals on an Eddie Murphy album before his first record deal.

-Jon Bon Jovi is John Bongiovi and his ancestry is Slovak, Russian and Sicilians who were fishermen.

– Tico Torres’s grandmother used to sew his tour clothes.

– The band used to borrow scarves from Richie’s mother’s cupboard to wear on stage.

– Bon Jovi are the first American Band to play for the Queen.

Join the circle.


Would you let this man speak at Oxford and give him a doctorate in New Jersey for humanities? Wait, somebody already did.

Fresh Marketing

Yes you know the basics:

truth not trash

cute not crass

basic not boring

sexy not sexist

Know your audience, they are not stupid. Do not limit yourself to one demographic you will alienate people who are within the limit.

The most revolting ad was for South African pork where a man had to choose between girls or delicious pork. You know who was the pig!

Be creative read Freakanomics, Faith Popcorn and any marketing book that catches your eye. However I tried to read a Buffet book and I don’t think it was in English. Free samples work but these competitions which cost airtime to enter seem like a ripoff to me.

My favorite piece of ridiculous marketing is:

Why not get the girls to buy the underwear they are going to throw at you on stage!

Throw Bon Jovi underwear and they make $8.99

New Greatest Hits and the circle Tour Dvd is on my shopping list for November!

Bon Jovi and Africa

I remember the first Bon Jovi song I heard it was ” I believe ” off the Keep the Faith album it was 1993. In 1995 Bon Jovi played 4 shows in South Africa, playing  2 shows in Johannesburg and one each in Durban and Cape Town. They had a solid fan base and since the democratic election they were one of the first group of international artists to play in S.A.

Jon Bon Jovi’s drummer in his band in 1980 was from Johannesburg, that was the band’s last personal connection to South Africa. The band agreed to come after the positive feedback from Whitney Houston also from New Jersey who had played successful shows, as Jon said in a pre-show interview with 5fm in 1995. The shows were a huge success with a 2 and a half hour set list and the Cape Town show which I attended in Green Point stadium was heard right across Table Bay and is fondly remembered to this day. Bon Jovi went on safari and Jon and his wife Dorothea had a polite cup of tea with Nelson Mandela.

Jon later in 1996 said in Metal Edge stated that South Africa reminded him of Southern California, which looking at  the geographical similarities is not an insult at all.

Drummer Tico Torres came back twice once to support then wife Eva Hertzigova on a Chloe fashion show and first on honeymoon.

Perhaps this and the financial implications of taking the whole crew and equipment to South Africa has meant that they have not been back during later tours.

Bon Jovi may not have physically been back but Africa is still on their mind. The cover of Neil Young’s “Rocking in the Free World” recorded live by Bon Jovi in Johannesburg in 1995 was included in the live album One Wild Night. The Masi Mara was included in the “Everyday” music video in 2002. In 2009 Desmond Tutu and Mandela were included in the global feel of the video “We weren’t born to follow.”

Jon Bon Jovi has recently funded the building of homes through his charity Philadelphia Soul Foundation in South Africa.

Well, there is a little country village called Philadelphia an hour’s drive outside Cape Town.

Any time he’s ready South Africa would love to see him again.