Paris is the city of light, love and croissant. Beautiful, fresh and like well applied lipstick difficult to replicate. The patisserie, baguettes and from age. What is not to love? Like a classy love affair amour is always in style in Paris.





Being creative is indeed a process. Inspiration is elusive, it may be a headline in another language, a piece of art that you find beautifully hideous, an experience or movie that records a time or feeling in your life. A photograph that captures an idea or the extraordinary. It may be driving past the house you grew up in as a child. I find music an endless inspiration, re reading the books that sit on my bookshelf and sketching when I have the time. I find cooking my current way to relax also watching English films about France. The BBC show the Little Paris Kitchen is also my favorite. So I search for that taste, smell or sound that will start the words and the emotions behind them. x Clare